Important Note

Before you proceed, please read and understand the following procedure


  • Some centres may limit the number of candidates for each level. Once this limit is reached, registration for that level in that centre will be automatically closed even if the stipulated registration period is still open.
  • Candidates are subjected to the latest SOP issued by the Malaysian authorities at all times. Non-compliant candidates will be denied entry into the test venue and will NOT be allowed to sit for the test. Such candidates will not be entertained for any refund of the test fees or claims for any compensation.
  • Should the test be cancelled due to the circumstances beyond the control of the organizers (such as COVID 19), test fees paid will be refunded after a deduction of RM25 for administrative expenses.
  • You MUST have a valid email address;
  • Have your personal data ready;
  • Be certain on which level and where you wish to sit for the test. N1 is the highest, N5 is the lowest. NO changes will be allowed once you submit your application;
  • Only Malaysian addresses will be accepted. Your result score/certificate can only be sent to a Malaysian address; and
  • Your photograph is NOT required.
  • Online registration requires you to go through the following 3 steps:
    Step 1: Select Test site and Level
    Step 2: Your personal particular data
    Step 3: Questionnaire in related to your Japanese language background
  • All fields are compulsory.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement email once you submit your application online. The email will also contain your REGISTRATION VERIFICATION DETAILS which consist of the followings:
    a) Registration reference number;
    b) NRIC or Passport Number; and
    c) Email address.
    The REGISTRATION VERIFICATION DETAILS would enable you to view your registration status online as well as to make amendments (other than the test site and test level) if any.
    No amendments can be made once registration is CONFIRMED.
    The REGISTRATION VERIFICATION DETAILS are meant to limit unauthorized access to your registration data. However should it fail due to your negligence or otherwise, JLSM would not be held liable for any damages or claims.
  • Your registration would NOT be confirmed without payment.
  • You would be able to view your test result if you choose to do so. The access to view your test result is your Registration Reference Number, NRIC or Password No, and Email Address.
  • Only Online Payment accepted
    Settle your payment and receive instant confirmation through our Online Payment facility via the View Registration Status link on the JLPT Malaysia Online Registration Website
  • Once your payment is received, an email confirming your registration will be send to you, together with your
    a) Test voucher (stating your details and examinee number);
    b) Notice to the examinee
  • Should any of the details printed on your test voucher is incorrect, please inform THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE SOCIETY OF MALAYSIA at 03-6259 7180 or within the registration period. Surcharge of RM25 will be levied for any request for change.
    After the registration period, candidate will be required to report to proctor on the Test Day for incorrect detail. Surcharge of RM25 in cash has to be paid to proctor on the same day
  • You can view your payment status via the View Registration Status link on the JLPT Malaysia Online Registration Website
  • Once your registration is confirmed, no refund is allowed. Only under the situation the test is cancelled by the organizer, would it be refunded.
  • The refund process will be done within 100 days.