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This service is provided to those who have no access to the Internet or not willingly to register online.

An administrative charge of RM5 will be levied.


NOTE: We will not accept any Application Forms for off-line registration 3-days prior to the Registration Closing Date.




a)   At the Test Centre

1.    Request a printout copy of an application form from the counter.

2.    Complete the form.

3.    Handover the completed form to the counter, together with your payment (Test Fees + RM5 Administrative Charges).

4.    Your information will be key-in by the counter staff.

5.    You will be asked to verify the key-in information.

6.    Once everything is in order...

i.       If you are at a regional test center, you will be issued a receipt. Your test voucher will be issued later. You can either collect it later or request it to be sent to your address.

ii.      If you are at the Kuala Lumpur Test Centre, you will be issued a test voucher. Please check if the information printed on the test voucher is correct before you leave.


b)   By Post

1.    You can:-

i.      Download a copy of the JLPT Test Guideline and Application Form at the JLSM Homepage http://www.jlsm.org; OR

ii.      Request one by post from your nearest test centre by enclosing a self-addressed envelope with a RM0.50 stamp affixed and a Postal Order of RM5. Please make sure that you write the name of the Test Centre correctly on the Postal Order.

(Request via post will take time and hence ensure that you have adequate time to return the completed application form to the test centre.)

2.    Complete the application form. Make sure that your handwriting is legible.

3.    Return the completed application form to the test centre immediately, together with a cheque or bank draft made payable to the name of the test centre.

Ensure that it would reach the test center before the closing date. Applications received after the closing date will NOT be accepted.

4.    If your application is in order and payment is confirmed, it will be processed immediately. A test voucher will be issued and send to you.

5.    Upon receiving the test voucher, ensure that all the information contained is correct. Notify the test centre immediately of any discrepancies.



NOTE: System is currently not open for registration